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The Beauty of Film

Film Box is a lab by photographers, for photographers. There is beauty & intention in the process of shooting film – selecting the right combination of camera & lens, choosing a specific film stock for a desired look & feel, shooting that film a variety of different ways, processing the film & then scanning it to fit a certain artistic style. These tangible, ‘real’ choices make up the characteristics of a film photograph. Shooting film slows you down, focuses you on what’s in the viewfinder & causes you to be more intentional about the photographs you take every time the shutter is opened. Film photographs are moments, rather than snapshots, which possess beautiful inconsistencies that make each frame of every negative a completely unique creation.

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Playing Our Part

Film has been a tried & true photographic medium. Advances in technology are great, but often times remove the human, tangible element. While some may think film photography is a dying art form in this digital world, we beg to differ. As photographers in search of beautiful images & a simple workflow return to this classic medium, we have – and are currently – witnessing a renaissance of film. This return to film photography is happening at a time when there are fewer labs offering film development & scanning services. We are simply trying to do our part.

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More Than A Lab

Film Box is more than just a lab. We aim to foster community & bring photographers – film or digital – together to one place where the love of photography is central. Located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, our lab believes in community & growing by learning from other likeminded artists who share the same passion. Stop by & say hello, have a cup of coffee, listen to some records & talk shop. We love what we do & think you will too.



Process, Scan, & Deliver (Full Service)

This option is used by most of our clients. Film is processed, scanned into a high-resolution JPEG format (using your Custom Style Profile) & delivered to you online. Additional delivery options include immediately mailing your negatives to you or holding your negatives at Film Box for monthly shipment to you.

Process Only

Although most clients take advantage of Full Service, there are some that desire Process Only when needing negatives for self-scanning, darkroom printing, or other applications. Negatives are immediately mailed to you upon processing.

Scan Only

This option exists for clients who have already had their film processed. Whether you have old negatives that you want archived in digital format, need a high-resolution scan for print, or just desire to have Film Box scan the negatives you’ve had processed and/or scanned at another lab, Scan Only is available. Includes the same Custom Style Profile & delivery options as Full Service.

Rush Orders

Rush orders are available for all jobs. Please note *RUSH* on your order form. Rush Jobs are an additional surcharge of 50% of the total order. (For example: If your job total is $100, it would cost an additional $50 to rush – bringing the final total to $150). Rush Job Turnaround Times are as follows:


1-20 Rolls: 2 Business Days
20-50 Rolls: 3 Business Days
50+ Rolls: 4 Business Days
*Large quantities of B/W film may increase Turnaround Time by up to 2 Business Days 


Full Service

C41 / BWLRG / XL

  • 12016 / 18
  • 22032 / 36
  • 3518 / 20

Process Only

C41 / BW

  • C417
  • BW9


  • Per StopNo Additional Charge

Scan Only


  • 12016 / 18
  • 22032 / 36
  • 3514 / 16


  • 12024 / 28
  • 35 / 22048 / 56
  • 3518 / 20


  • 1 Frame5
  • LARGESuitable for most applications.Printable up to 10x13 (30MB)
  • EXTRA LARGESuitable for larger prints. Printable up to 12x16 (45MB)

Send Film

Our Recommendations for Sending Film


  • Download, print & fill out the Client Order Form
  • Send Priority or Express Mail to reduce the time that your package is handled in the postal system.
  • Always send with tracking and/or delivery confirmation.
  • Put film in a ziploc bag & pack in bubble wrap to help prevent damage.
  • Drop-off or mail in your order to our lab at:  118 South 11th Street, Suite B / Nashville, TN / 37206
  • Once your film has arrived at the lab, it will be checked into our system & you will receive an e-mail with your invoice. After you’ve paid your invoice online & your order is complete, we will release your negatives for pickup/delivery & send you a link to your digital scans.


Send Your Film

After you’ve safely packed up & shipped off your film, our job begins. You will be notified by e-mail once your film has arrived at the lab & will receive an invoice for the order with online payment information. After you’ve paid your invoice online & your order is complete, we will release your negatives for pickup/delivery & send you a link to your digital scans.

Turnaround Time

Working with film takes time, but we do our best to deliver your work back to you as quickly as possible. Order completion time (business days) is generally:

  • Noritsu Scans:  7-10 days
  • Frontier Scans:  Up to 15 days
  • Process Only:  5 days

Having orders with black & white film (especially large quantities) can increase Turnaround Time by 1-2 business days because we dust correct  each image by hand.


Once your film is checked into our system, the development process starts. We process both C41 & B/W & can push B/W up to three stops.



After your undeveloped film becomes a negative, we begin scanning. We scan based on each client’s Custom Style Profile, which is an important component of the process. A scanned negative can look many different ways & we want to ensure that we’re scanning based on your specific style palette that fits your aesthetic & vision. For more information on the Custom Style Profile, please e-mail, call or view more information below. We use both Fuji Frontier & Noritsu scanners.


Custom Style Profile

While a physical negative has definitive characteristics, a scanned negative can look a wide variety of ways depending on decisions made during the scanning process. Because of this, we work to develop a Custom Style Profile that is unique to every client. This profile serves as a guideline that the scanning operator uses when scanning every frame of every roll of film. It begins with communication – getting to know you & the characteristics of your work, expectations for your work & what you hope to see from our lab. By talking through your favorite scans, scanning the same negative multiple times, and learning your likes & dislikes, we work together to achieve a look that you love. Consistent scans means you spend less time tweaking your images & more time shooting. Give us a call or send us an e-mail to begin developing your Custom Style Profile.


After your film is developed & scanned, we are ready to deliver it back to you. For your scans, you will receive a download link via e-mail. Physical negatives can be mailed back to you or held at Film Box for a monthly shipment back to you.


It is our responsibility to ensure every client is satisfied with the scans they receive. Communication is both important & necessary to ensure Film Box is delivering quality scans that meet each client’s wants & needs. From the client, feedback on the scans helps Film Box shape the Custom Style Profile & deliver scans that are consistent with each photographer’s creative vision. From Film Box, we have the unique opportunity to see film from start to finish. At the core, we are photographers. If we see something on your negative, we can communicate the issue to help clients improve how they’re shooting. Underexposed negatives? We can suggest how to rate certain film stocks. Cropping on your negatives? Could be an issue with the film advance. If we see something, we will communicate to help you get the most out of your film, which in turn, improves your scans.